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    Harmonize Your Dreams
    By choosing Lavendr Studio, artists gain access to vocal guidance, expert mixing, and superior editing. We’re not just engineers; we’re collaborators who understand your creative vision.
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About Us

At lavendr studio we cover every aspect of sound. From recording, mixing and mastering we want to make your dream sound come to life! We also offer vocal guidance throughout sessions to help with the flow of the artist. Most importantly we provide superior editing alongside access to high quality recordings.

What sets us apart from other companies is that we are able to fully see the vision that the artist brings us. We desire to turn your creative thoughts into a high quality and fruitful sound. We are merely an outlet with ears and knowledge. Here we want to expand on what the artist is envisioning and make their music come to life!


  • Setting up microphones
  • preparing recording area
  • creating a template for session
  • headphone mixes
  • getting sounds at the right level
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  • pitch correction
  • rhythm correction
  • comping tracks
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  • Eq
  • compression
  • reverb
  • dynamics
  • any fx to track
  • setting each track individually to a perfect sonic audio balance
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  • Overall volume boost matching commercial volumes
  • general eq balancing
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Vocal Production

  • Help finding harmonies
  • breathing techniques
  • vocal strength guide
  • setting up vocal arrangements and melodies
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